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Hello and welcome to our our 2015 catalogue.

2015 Catalogue cover
To download and view 2015 Catalogue click on the cover above - PDF reader required.

This year you will notice a change to our special prices in the catalogue. We have moved away from 5 for $15.00 to 3 for $10.00. For many years we grew larger quanties of less varieties, but now we have the reverse, smaller quanties of more varieties. Basically, we are trying to reduce the number of bulbs we have to handle. The key to our success is the hybridizing or breeding of new varieties. Between Colin and I, we are selecting between 50 to 70 new seedlings every year, to be grown on as new varieties. Not all of these will reach their potential, but most will.

After we have cross pollinated flowers, the harvested seed is planted in planter bags, and left to develop for 4 years. On the
5th year we plant these small bulbs in the open ground, with the hope of them flowering for the first time the following spring.
We then look for the best of these flowers to select as a new variety. Once we find a flower worthy of selection, we dig the
one bulb and start the proccess of building a stock. From
planting a seed to having a saleable stock, can take between 12 to 15 years. This is why new varieties attract higher prices.

Last summer was our driest for many years, which was perfect for bulb growers, but not so for farming in general. The bulbs came out of the ground dry, which speeds up the drying process greatly. Autumn remained dry which made replanting much easier, with over 22,000 bulbs planted in 5 1/2 days.

As I write this we are experiencing a drier than normal winter, with extreme cold at times. Our heaviest frost to date has been -11 c, which is the worst we’ve had in our time here.

We hope you enjoy our selection of new introductions. As always, lots of colour and something for the showbench or garden.

For those who have trouble finding us, we now have signs at Speechley’s Bridge, on the Geraldine to Fairlie Highway.

We are open to the public, 7 days a week from early September to Mid October.
Visitors are welcome to stroll around over two hectares of blooms, or view them in our large indoor display.


We would like to thank all our regular customers for their continued support, and welcome to our new customers.

Thank you and Happy Gardening.

Gordon and Cindy Coombes



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