66 Brophy Road, R.D 21, Geraldine 7991

Phone (03) 693 8081

E-mail address -  pvdaffodils@ihug.co.nz

Hello and welcome to our 2018 website. 

Lots of changes this year, as we are trying to lighten the workload.

For the first time in 40 years, we will not be opening our fields to the public. This was a difficult decision for us, but will give us time for other things.

Our breeding program and seedlings selection will continue as normal.
We will not be publishing a list of flowers as we normally do, and will only be selling Mixed Bulbs and Mixed Selections, which have always been very popular.
By dealing solely with mixed bulbs, we will be able to greatly reduce our labour input and still keep all our systems ticking over.
We still have the property and business on the market, with the hope that someone will take up the challenge, and carry on in some form. With over 40 years of daffodil growing and breeding, we would have one of the most unique and diverse selections in the world.
Once again, thank you to all of our loyal customers for your business and your friendships.
Kind Regards


Gordon and Cindy Coombes


 Payment with order please: March delivery.                  

For direct credit:   Bank details:  03 0839 0084852 00     


 Postage and Handling:            

South Island                  $   8.00                      

 North Island                  $ 12.00

Rural Delivery (extra)    $   6.00 


 We request orders  before December 20thNo acknowledgement, unless requested with S.A.E.